Author: Airplane
Prompter: Picturetheordinary
Summary: Rapunzel’s first birthday in the castle.
Rating: T
Word Count:  1,899
Warnings:  None

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Author: Airplane
Prompter: pas-a-cal
Summary: A Tangled Rendition of the original Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale
Rating: T
Word Count:  1,124
Warnings:  None

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The Secret Fan Club

Author: Jane McAvory
Prompter: Villains Inc
Summary: Ever wonder what happens when Rapunzel and Eugene stumble upon their own fanfiction?
Rating: T
Word Count:  1,800
Airplane’s Notes: Thank you for filling this prompt, Jane McAvory!

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Final stories

Here are the final three stories for the Fic Exchange.

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Author Reveals!

Announcing all the authors of our wonderful stories!  Thanks to everyone who participated.  You are all now free to gloat and post your stories wherever you want.

There are still 3 more stories out, and I’ve contacted the prompters who are going without.  Those stories will be filled by either me or Fabulist.  But my computer died and I won’t be able to post them (or write them) until I’m on something other than my phone.   So in a week or two, three more stories will be posted here, but I can’t let you wait that long before I tell you who all the other authors are.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

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Fancy Free

Author: Villains Inc
Prompter: BokaSaysRawr
Summary: Eugene won’t admit it,  but he gets a bit homesick for the road.
Rating: K+
Word Count:  1,271
Warnings:  One mention of sex.
Author’s Notes: This is a POV fic. Regular text is Flynn talking and
bold text is someone else talking. Hopefully, this meets expectations.

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terminalliteralism said: I have the same problems, but that's only when I read them on my phone. I haven't had those problems on my browser.

is it better now?

Open Wounds

Author: Gingergem
Prompter: AnjelFitzherbert
Summary: On the way from the tower to Castle Corona, Rapunzel is injured for the first time without her hair. Eugene is there to help.
Rating: K
Word Count: 1,738 
Warnings: Fluffy.
Author’s Notes: I had lots of fun writing this!

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Author: Fabulist and Airplane
Prompter: Avelera
Summary: Things would have been different if Eugene could travel through time back to the day they met
Rating: T
Word Count: 5,621
Warnings: mentions of sexy times

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Anonymous said: Ned. If you click on "stories" at the top, the last 4 are not hyperlinked. Is that on purpose?

Yes and no. 

Yes, at one point I just put the list of stories I had up on that page and then hyperlinked them as they came up, because that was easier than tracking down all the information every time.  I also thought it could be a fun tease to tide you over until the stories were actually published.

No, because I’ve gotten a bit behind and two of those stories should now be hyperlinked.  I will do so right now.  Also I have another story in the queue that needs to go on the list, and three more stories that are MIA, so at the moment the list is not complete.

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